This vehicle is connected by OnStar to limited services [Explained]

This vehicle is connected by OnStar to limited services

GM vehicle owners enjoy OnStar safety and security services with their free connected services plan. However, it becomes annoying when you receive a voice notification (This vehicle is connected by OnStar limited services).

So what exactly this message means? What are OnStar limited services, and how can you turn off this notification?

Be with us. This blog post is the Ultimate guide to knowing about this issue in detail.

Why did I Receive This vehicle connected by OnStar to a limited Services Message?

Once your free OnStar trial expires are going to expire in near you will receive a voice message saying your vehicle is connected to OnStar limited services.

Sometimes you experience your OnStar keep coming on or receiving the message “Vehicle is connected to OnStar limited services” typically means that the OnStar system in your vehicle is not fully activated or subscribed to the complete range of services offered by OnStar.

Some other reasons may also trigger the voice note, such as an expired subscription, a lack of coverage in your area, or a technical issue with the OnStar system.

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How can I turn off the voice message vehicle connected to OnStar limited service?

There are three ways you can turn off the OnStar limited service voice message notification in your car:

  • Purchase an active OnStar Plain.
  • Canceling your subscription
  • Disconnect the OnStar from your Vehicle.

Contact the OnStar Advisor for Help at 1.888.466.7827.

What is OnStar limited Services?

OnStar limited services refer to a subset of the full range of services offered by the OnStar connected vehicle platform. OnStar is a system that provides drivers with a variety of services, such as safety and security features, navigation, and diagnostics.

However, not all of these services may be available to every driver, depending on their subscription level and the vehicle type they are driving.

It’s important to understand that the specific limited services available to you may vary depending on your subscription level, location, and the type of vehicle you are driving.

If you need help determining what services you have access to, you can contact OnStar customer support for more information.

What is included in OnStar Limited Services?

Limited services typically include basic features, such as GPS, lock-unlock, contact support and limited safety features.

You will no longer be eligible for other emergency or security services such as crash response, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, turn-by-turn navigation and vehicle diagnostic reports.

What does connected access mean with OnStar?

OnStar Connected Access refers to a set of services offered by OnStar, a connected vehicle platform. Connected Access is a feature that provides drivers with an array of services, including remote Access to their vehicle, remote start, and vehicle diagnostics.

The main features of OnStar connected services are:

  • Access Amazon Alexa
  • In-Vehicle Apps Access
  • Vehicle Mobile App Access
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

How does OnStar connect to your car?

OnStar connects to your car through a combination of cellular and GPS technology. When you subscribe to OnStar, a device is installed in your vehicle that communicates with the OnStar network.

This device contains a cellular modem, GPS receiver, and other electronics and is connected to the vehicle’s power system.

Once the OnStar device is installed and activated, it establishes a connection to the OnStar network. It provides access to various services, including safety and security features, navigation, and diagnostics.

The device in your vehicle continually communicates with the OnStar network, providing real-time updates on the vehicle’s location, diagnostics, and other important information.

In an emergency, the device can automatically notify the OnStar response center, which can then dispatch emergency services as needed.

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