Is OnStar Ending? True? Know The Reality

Is OnStar Ending?

Recently, I was researching car safety and security services for my blog. I came to know that many OnStar subscribers are asking a query in different forums. Is OnStar ending and going out of business? As an avid researcher of automotive issues, I decided to share my knowledge with my audience about this.

OnStar is not ending nor going out of business. Currently, OnStar is serving 1 million (EST) subscribers worth Millions of dollars in revenue. They are introducing new technologies with the affiliation of GM motors from time to time.

The emergence of other technology, such as 4G LTE and 5G networks, and the built-in system offered by many new vehicle models compels OnStar subscribers into Confusion and often ask if OnStar is stopping its services.

Let’s explore this topic in detail. Keep Reading

Is OnStar Ending and going out of business?

No, OnStar is not ending. In fact, they have extended their services to Non-GM vehicles by introducing the Guardian app Plan. In 2023 OnStar is still among the leading companies that provide advanced safety and security features such as automatic crash response, stolen vehicle assistance, and roadside assistance.

However, with advances in mobile technology like 4G LTE and 5G networks, there is an increase in competition for similar services that do not require a vehicle-specific system like OnStar.

Companies such as Verizon offer their customers access to roadside assistance and other features with their wireless plans.

And when it comes to safety features such as automatic crash response or theft protection, most of these are now available through aftermarket products like dashcams or Smartphone apps that don’t require any subscription fee.

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Furthermore, new vehicles come with more advanced safety features. As these technologies become more commonplace in cars, drivers may question whether they need to pay extra for a service like OnStar when they already have these safety features built into their vehicles or can access them through other means.

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Why do People say OnStar is going out of business?

In December 2022, GM motors officially announced that they are stopping its services for 2014 and older gm vehicles that rely on 2G and some that depend on 3G because they are upgrading their services to 4G and 5G AT&T services.

From this, many people predict that OnStar is going off business without knowing and researching the truth. This needs to be clarified for the market.

OnStar is a subsidiary of General Motors that provides various services to drivers, such as emergency assistance, turn by turn navigation guidance, theft protection, and automatic crash response.

It operates primarily through a built-in cellular connection device installed in the vehicle or by using the OnStar app or remote link service.

This allows communication between the driver and OnStar customer service representatives, who can provide help if needed.

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Is gm discontinuing OnStar?

No, GM is still affiliated with OnStar and makes the service mandatory for its newly released vehicle, Chevy, Buick, GMC and GMC. However, OnStar discontinued its service for older cars that relied on 2G and didn’t upgrade its hardware to 4G LTE.

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What is the OnStar 2G network sunset, and how does it affect my service?

The OnStar 2G network sunset means discontinuing service on the existing 2G wireless network and transitioning to a newer, more reliable 4G LTE-based platform.

This update mainly affect former gm brands will occur in phases by model year, with most vehicles completing the switch as early as December 2022. After this date, your vehicle will no longer be able to access the OnStar service on the 2G network.

You will need to upgrade your vehicle’s hardware to continue experiencing the full suite of OnStar services. Depending on your current model, this could involve installing a new 4G LTE-based communications module and updating existing software. 

Upon completing the upgrade, you will be able to access the latest OnStar features, such as remote locking and unlocking, navigation assistance, and automatic crash notification.

What Services are included in OnStar guardian app?

OnStar guardian app plans include:

  • Mobile Crash Response
  • Emergency Services
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Vehicle Location Services
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Is OnStar Calling discontinued?

call advisers.

OnStar’s hands-free calling service was officially discontinued in Feb 2022 due to the sunset of 2G services in the united states. However, OnStar subscribers can still call OnStar advisors at 1.888.466.7827 directly from their phones 24/7.

Will OnStar still work after the 3G shutdown?

OnStar has been an active participant in preempting the 3G network sunset and is taking steps to ensure no negative repercussions for its customers. All vehicles impacted by the shutdown have already had their services refreshed with new network updates provided by AT&T. This partnership ensures customer satisfaction in the long run, as OnStar is dedicated to providing all of its members with only the best service.

Are Older GM vehicles to lose connection to OnStar with the sunset of the 2G network?

Yes, 2014 and older general motor vehicles and some 2015 models are among the affected vehicles due to OnStar 2G sunset. OnStar blue-button function and other rare view mirror OnStar buttons functions are mainly affected. However, these vehicles still use the OnStar services by upgrading their vehicle’s OnStar module or the OnStar guardian app.

Can you use OnStar for free?

No, OnStar is not a free service. To access the services offered by OnStar, you must have an active subscription plan. The different plans are designed to meet varying needs and budgets, but all require payment to access the features of OnStar. However, eligible GM vehicles can get 3 months of a free trial.

Final Thoughts

With the recent introduction of their Guardian app plan, we have seen that OnStar is not going away any time soon. GM is still affiliated with OnStar and continues to make the service mandatory for its newly released vehicle models.

However, with the rise of mobile technology, there has been greater competition for similar services that rely on something other than specially installed vehicle devices. As such, it remains to be seen how well OnStar will adapt and stay competitive in the crowded market.

The future of OnStar looks promising; however, only time will tell if they can maintain their place in the market as new technologies become available.

Furthermore, what role GM will play in this process is worth keeping an eye on. Ultimately, whatever happens next with OnStar’s presence in the market will depend on how easily it can expand its offerings to address technological advances and changes in consumer preferences for car owners.

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