What Is OnStar Good For? Everything You Need to Know

What Is OnStar Good For

OnStar has become a household name in the United States and Canada, offering advanced connectivity services that provide vehicle owners an extra layer of safety, security, and convenience. But what exactly is OnStar good for, and how does it enhance the driving experience for motorists?

Onstar is good for:

  • OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response system can detect when a vehicle has been involved in an accident.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar can help track its location.
  • The system provides access to 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • OnStar can remotely monitor your vehicle’s health and send you monthly diagnostic reports.
  • They offer voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation.
  • OnStar-equipped vehicles can serve as Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, they can provide essential information, resources, and assistance.

This blog post will explain why is OnStar good for drivers and explore its numerous features, benefits, and applications. From emergency assistance and vehicle diagnostics to roadside assistance and navigation, we’ll uncover the full potential of OnStar and help you determine whether this innovative technology is the perfect addition to your automotive life or not.

What is OnStar good for?

1) Provides Emergency Assistance

OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response system is designed to provide rapid assistance in the critical moments following an accident, ensuring a swift response from emergency services when needed.

Utilizing a combination of sensors and advanced algorithms, the OnStar system can accurately detect when a vehicle has been involved in a collision, even differentiating between the severity of the impact.

This sophisticated technology is invaluable in situations where occupants may be unable to call for help themselves and to arrange medical assistance.

Once a collision has been detected, the Automatic Crash Response system connects with an OnStar advisor via the GM vehicle’s built-in communication system. The advisor, trained to handle emergencies, will assess the situation by communicating with the occupants or using the available vehicle data.

If necessary, the advisor can share crucial information, such as the vehicle’s location, with the nearest emergency dispatch center, enabling first responders to reach the scene more efficiently.

In some cases, the vehicle occupants may be unable to communicate due to injury or shock. In such situations, the OnStar advisor can use the vehicle’s data, including information from its airbag deployment sensors and other diagnostics, to infer the accident’s severity.

This information allows the advisor to make informed decisions about the appropriate emergency response, potentially saving precious time and lives.

roadside Emergency Assistance

2) Provides Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance feature can play a crucial role in its recovery and potentially deter criminals. Equipped with advanced GPS tracking technology and a dedicated team of OnStar advisors, this service is designed to help law enforcement quickly and effectively locate your stolen vehicle, increasing the chances of a successful recovery.

Upon realizing that your vehicle has been stolen, you can report the theft to the police and then contact OnStar. The OnStar advisor will work closely with law enforcement, providing them with real-time location data of your vehicle.

The collaboration between OnStar and the police significantly enhances the search and recovery process, reducing the time and resources required to find your vehicle.

In some cases, when it is safe to do so and under the guidance of law enforcement, they can even initiate remote vehicle slowdown.

The feature allows OnStar operator to gradually reduce the vehicle’s speed, making it more difficult for the thief to continue driving and increasing the chances of apprehension by the police.

Its Remote Ignition Block capability can complement OnStar’s stolen vehicle slowdown feature. Once the vehicle has been turned off, this feature prevents the engine from restarting, effectively immobilizing the vehicle and preventing further movement.

Together, these features demonstrate the power of OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance in combating vehicle theft and enhancing security for vehicle owners.

By combining cutting-edge technology with the expertise of OnStar advisors and law enforcement, this service offers a comprehensive solution for addressing and mitigating the impacts of vehicle theft.

 Stolen Vehicle Assistance

3) Provides Roadside Assistance

OnStar’s 24/7 roadside assistance is designed to provide vehicle owners with peace of mind and prompt support during those unexpected and often inconvenient situations on the road.

Whether facing a flat tire, a drained battery, or an empty fuel tank, OnStar’s roadside assistance is just a button push away, ensuring that help is always within reach.

In the event of a flat tire, contacting an OnStar advisor will dispatch a professional service technician to your location. The technician will quickly and safely change the tire, allowing you to return to the road with minimal delay.

If you have a dead battery, roadside assistance can provide towing service and jump-start service to revive your vehicle and help you avoid the hassle of finding a stranger or arranging a tow.

Running out of fuel can be frustrating and potentially dangerous, especially if you’re stranded in a remote area or on a busy highway. With OnStar’s fuel delivery service, an advisor will coordinate the dispatch of a service provider to bring you a small amount of fuel sufficient to reach the nearest gas station.

OnStar’s 24/7 roadside assistance is more than just a collection of services; it represents a commitment to the safety and well-being of vehicle owners.

By providing a reliable safety net for drivers, OnStar delivers unparalleled support, ensuring that help is always available when you need it the most.

onstar Roadside Assistance

4) Sends Vehicle Diagnostics Reports

OnStar’s remote vehicle diagnostics feature is a powerful tool designed to inform you about your vehicle’s health and performance, ensuring that you stay ahead of potential issues and maintenance needs.

By leveraging advanced diagnostic capabilities and seamless communication with your vehicle, OnStar provides timely insights that can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

At the heart of OnStar’s remote vehicle diagnostics is the ability to continuously monitor various systems and components within your vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, emissions, and tire pressure. This monitoring helps identify potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs or even leave you stranded on the side of the road.

By staying informed about your vehicle’s health, you can take a more proactive approach to maintenance, leading to a more reliable and efficient driving experience.

OnStar’s remote diagnostics include monthly diagnostic reports sent directly to your email or available through the OnStar app. These reports provide an easy-to-understand summary of your vehicle’s performance and health, highlighting any areas that may require attention.

By closely monitoring these reports, you can address potential issues early, preventing more extensive damage and ensuring that your vehicle remains in top condition.

Along with monthly reports, they send real-time alerts to specific issues, such as low tire pressure or engine trouble. These alerts notify you of urgent matters, allowing you to take immediate action and potentially avoid further complications.

Vehicle Diagnostics Reports

5) Provides Turn-by-Turn Navigation

OnStar’s voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation system is designed to make your journeys more convenient and stress-free by providing accurate, real-time directions directly through your vehicle’s audio system. By combining advanced GPS technology, comprehensive mapping data, and a user-friendly interface, OnStar navigation enables you to reach your destination with confidence and ease, even in unfamiliar areas.

One of the vital features of OnStar’s navigation system is its seamless integration with the vehicle’s communication system. By setting location directly from your car touch screen system or contacting an OnStar advisor, you can request directions to a specific address or point of interest or even receive recommendations for nearby restaurants, gas stations, or hotels.

Once the destination is selected, the advisor will transmit the route information to your vehicle, and voice-guided navigation will begin.

As you drive, the system provides clear and timely spoken instructions, ensuring you stay on the right path without taking your eyes off the road. The navigation system is designed to account for various driving conditions, such as traffic congestion or road closures, and will automatically recalculate the route if you deviate from the original path or encounter an unexpected obstacle.

onstar Turn-by-Turn Navigation

6) High Speed Wi-Fi Hotspot

In today’s increasingly connected world, accessing the internet on the go has become more of a necessity than a luxury. OnStar-equipped vehicles address this need by offering built-in Wi-Fi hotspots, providing high-speed internet access to multiple devices within the vehicle.

This advanced connectivity feature not only enhances the driving experience but also caters to the diverse needs of passengers, enabling work, entertainment, and communication on the move.

Powered by 4G LTE technology, OnStar’s Wi-Fi hotspot offers fast and reliable internet access for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, ensuring you, your family members and your passengers can stay connected and productive, even during long road trips.

The Wi-Fi hotspot is designed to accommodate multiple devices simultaneously, meaning that each passenger can use their device without compromising the connection quality or speed.

This capability is particularly beneficial for families or groups traveling together, as it caters to everyone’s individual needs and preferences, ensuring a more enjoyable journey for all.

Another advantage of the Wi-Fi hotspot is its enhanced security compared to public Wi-Fi networks. Since the hotspot is integrated into your vehicle, you can control who can access the network, reducing the risk of unauthorized usage or potential cyber threats.

7) Provides Remote Control Services

OnStar’s mobile app brings the power of remote vehicle control directly to your smartphone, allowing you to manage your vehicle’s key functions from virtually anywhere.

With features such as remote lock, unlock, and vehicle start, the OnStar guardian app enhances the convenience of your daily driving experience and offers an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

The remote lock and unlock feature of the OnStar app is designed to provide a simple and secure way to manage access to your vehicle.

With the Guardian app, you can quickly check the lock status and, if necessary, lock or unlock your car doors with just a tap on your smartphone screen

Another powerful capability of the OnStar app is the remote start feature. With this function, you can start your vehicle’s engine from a distance, allowing you to warm up or cool down the interior before you get in, ensuring a comfortable driving experience regardless of the weather conditions.

The remote start feature can also benefit those living in colder climates, as it lets you defrost your windows and warm up your vehicle before you even step outside. It’s important to note that the remote start feature is designed with safety in mind so that the vehicle will remain locked and secure during this process.

OnStar Guardian app also offers a range of other valuable functions, such as locating your vehicle in a crowded parking lot, monitoring your vehicle’s diagnostics, and accessing your account information.

car app services

8) Provides Instant Crisis Assistance

In times of crisis, such as natural disasters or emergencies, having access to accurate information and timely assistance can make all the difference. OnStar’s Crisis Assist feature is designed to provide critical support and resources during these challenging situations, helping you stay safe, informed, and connected when it matters most.

During a natural disaster or emergency, OnStar advisors are specially trained to assist vehicle owners in various ways. One of the vital services they provide is real-time information about the crisis at hand, including updates on the severity, location, and potential impacts.

This information can help you make informed decisions about your safety and that of your loved ones, such as whether to evacuate, seek shelter, or take other preventive measures.

Advisors can help you identify and navigate safe locations or evacuation routes. By leveraging their knowledge of local conditions and access to up-to-date mapping data, they can guide you away from danger zones and towards safety.

This guidance can be invaluable in ensuring a swift and safe escape when roads may be impassable or congested due to the crisis.

OnStar’s Crisis Assist also includes access to various resources, such as emergency services, shelters, and other assistance programs. By acting as a liaison between you and these organizations, advisors can help coordinate the support you need- medical attention, temporary housing, or other aid forms.


What Are the Available Features?

Your specific subscription of onstar plans determines the available features of OnStar. Some of the most common features include the following:
Automatic Crash Response
Emergency Services
Stolen Vehicle Assistance
Roadside Assistance
Turn-by-Turn Navigation
Hands-Free Calling
Vehicle Diagnostics
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Remote Vehicle Control (lock, unlock, and start)
Crisis Assist

What Does OnStar Cost?

OnStar offers various subscription plans, each with its pricing structure and features. The cost of an OnStar subscription can range from around $24.99 to $49.99 per month, depending on the chosen plan and included features. Some vehicles may come with a trial period of OnStar services, after which a paid subscription is required to continue accessing the features.

Can OnStar Help If My Vehicle Is Stolen?

Yes, OnStar can provide valuable assistance in the event of vehicle theft. The Stolen Vehicle Assistance feature helps track the stolen vehicle’s location using GPS technology, enabling law enforcement to recover the vehicle more efficiently.
In some cases, when it is safe to do so and under the guidance of law enforcement, they can initiate a remote vehicle to slow down or disable the ignition system, preventing the thief from continuing to drive the vehicle.

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