How to Access OnStar Vehicle Location History?

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OnStar Vehicle Location History is a feature that allows vehicle owners to track their ride and access reports showing their vehicle location history from recent weeks or months.

The feature helps the driver to find their car when they forget the parking area and law informant agencies to track the vehicle location when the vehicle is stolen.

Key Takeaways

  • You can access your OnStar vehicle location history via the OnStar Location manager feature by using your guardian app or contacting the helpline advisor.
  • The location Manger also works on my GMC, myChevrolet, myBuick and myCadillac apps.
  • On the app, you will find the limited location history.
  • To access the vehicle’s location of your car for an extended period, you will need to contact the OnStar Advisor.

What is OnStar Location Tracking History?

OnStar tracking History is a feature offered by OnStar, which provides drivers with access to location-based information about their vehicle.

The GM vehicle owner can use the service called OnStar location manager, while the non-GM car owners can use the OnStar Guardian app to use the service.

How to access your OnStar Vehicle Location History?

OnStar Vehicle Location History

OnStar subscribers can get a report analysis of their vehicle tracking history and current location in two ways.

1) By Using OnStar Guardian App

With the OnStar location manager, you can instantly track your car’s position on the map with your phone.

Just open your app and enter the navigation menu. A map with GPS location icons will open.

You will see two icons, e.g., car icon and the arrow icon. The car icon indicates your vehicle’s current position, and the arrow indicates the place from where you are using the app.

2) By Contacting OnStar Advisors

If you ever need your vehicle tracking history for an extended period for any purpose, for stolen vehicle assistance, or to check the position of any of your registered family members, you will need to contact the OnStar representative.

The Onstar advisors will confirm the cause, your VIN and identity and will help you, law enforcement agencies, or even your insurance company to provide a detailed report of your vehicle with your permission.

Please note that Depending on the OnStar policy, they may or may not release the complete track record of your ride.

In some situations, they need a court order to release the tracking record of their subscribers.

Does OnStar keep location history?

Yes, OnStar track, records and keep your car’s location history for improving its safety and security service quality and using it in its clients’ best interest.

The company keeps track record of the vehicle’s current and past locations, speed, and other driving data of OnStar system equipped vehicles.

The vehicle owner or their authorized representatives, such as law enforcement officers and insurance companies, can access this information.

This data can provide useful information for a range of purposes, such as verifying the whereabouts of family members, tracking stolen vehicles, and keeping an eye on teenage drivers.

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What is OnStar location manager?

OnStar Location Manager is a feature of OnStar that allows you to monitor the location of your vehicle in real-time. With Location Manager, you can:

  • With the Location manager feature, Track the location and speed of your vehicle from anywhere at any time
  • Receive email or text alerts if your vehicle moves out of designated areas
  • View a history of where your vehicle has travelled
  • With location manager, you can Set up virtual boundaries that will alert you when your car leaves a predetermined geographic area

What is Onstar Family Link?

In collaboration with OnStar, GM (General Motors) offers the Onstar Family Link service to help families stay connected.

It allows users to track their loved ones and family members.

Parents can use the family link service to locate and monitor teenagers driving or riding in vehicles equipped with the Onstar system.

With this service, you can track the location of your family member’s car in real-time and receive text and email notifications when they arrive at or leave certain areas.

OnStar Family Link Service Features

  1. Vehicle Locate
  2. Virtual Boundary controlling & Alerts
  3. Scheduled Alerts
  4. Arrival & Departure Alerts

How Does Onstar Tracking Work?

OnStar Tracking works by using a cellular connection and GPS technology. The service uses a network of satellites to determine your exact location and then sends the information to a secure database.

The tracking feature is used for various services, such as turn-by-turn navigation, emergency roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle assistance.

GPS Location

Why OnStar Vehicle locate not working?

If your OnStar account is expired or has a Fault in the OnStar module or its connection with the server, your vehicle locates system may stop working.

To ensure your vehicle locate system works properly, you must check if your OnStar subscription is active.

The connection between the OnStar module, GPS and the server must be strong enough and not blocked or interfered with by any means.

Check all wiring in the vehicle connected to the OnStar module and make sure the fuse remains intact.

How accurate is OnStar Vehicle Locator?

The accuracy of the OnStar vehicle locator manager is 50-100 sq. ft. It means that the current location of your OnStar-equipped car is within this range.

You can also follow the google map location icon to track your car.

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Can my husband track my car with OnStar?

Yes, there are two ways a spouse can track each other with OnStar. By OnStar family link and OnStar Guardian App.

OnStar Family Link allows you to keep track of your loved one’s car with real-time location sharing, speed alerts, boundary alerts, and more.

The OnStar app allows you to stay connected to your vehicle while on the go and easily keep track of its location.

Can my husband track my car with OnStar?

You will receive notifications when a vehicle leaves or arrives at predetermined locations and be able to locate it on the map, if necessary, quickly.

With the Family Link service, you can also set up virtual boundaries that alert you when your car is outside a predetermined area. Plus, you can get parking reminders and even unlock your doors remotely with the app.


Can you track a car that has OnStar?

You can easily track your car if you are an active subscriber and have OnStar equipped General motors vehicle.

You can use the service in an emergency, where the vehicle can assist in locating and navigating.
OnStar also provides theft protection which helps you to locate your car if it is stolen.

With OnStar’s Remote link Guardian mobile application, you can access various services such as remote start, lock/unlock doors, view diagnostics reports, and roadside assistance.

How can I see where my car has been?

Using a GPS tracker is the easiest way to track your car on google Maps or other GPS support mobile applications. Install a GPS tracking device in your car and use this satellite service to view your vehicle location and activity anytime.

With GPS technology, you can monitor exactly where your car goes.

Many modern car manufacturers include a built-in GPS System that can track the car’s exact location, send alerts if it is moved outside a particular area, or even send notifications when the vehicle has been driven beyond a set speed limit.

Can I track where my car is from my phone?

Yes, with a GPS-based tracking device and a supported android or iOS app, you can track the location of your car from your phone.

Many modern cars have built-in GPS navigation systems, which allow users to track and follow their vehicle’s movements in real-time.

There are third-party apps and services available that can be used to track car locations on google maps based on the phone’s GPS signal.

These apps usually provide detailed reports about your car’s position, directions speed, and direction of travel.

Can you track your car with my Chevy app?

Yes, you can track your car with the myChevrolet app. With the chevy app, you can view your car location in real-time using Live Location Tracking.

You can also set up alerts so that you’ll receive a notification immediately whenever your vehicle moves or change’s locations.

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