Can OnStar Find a Stolen Car If Not Activated? [Detailed Guide]

According to Statista, each year, about 268.2 per 100,000 population of the United States report vehicle theft at their local police stations. Finding and locating the stolen vehicle is a challenging job. However, you can locate your car remotely with OnStar stolen vehicle assistance.

Each year OnStar recovers Hundreds of stolen cars for its customers.

But the question is !!! Can OnStar locate a stolen vehicle if not activated?

Key Takeaways:

  • OnStar GPS tracking works even if you are not an active user.
  • Stolen vehicles assistance is a paid OnStar feature available for paid subscribers.
  • OnStar tracks via GPS and other location-based technologies.
  • With two easy steps, you can find your OnStar-equipped car.

Can OnStar find a stolen car if not Activated?

Yes and No. OnStar GPS tracking work for both active and non-active subscribers. But the stolen vehicle assistance is paid service for active OnStar subscribers.

OnStar can locate and recover your stolen car even if you have yet to be an active OnStar user. However, it depends on OnStar’s policies whether or not they are giving the service to its not active subscriber.

One possibility is that OnStar may help you find your car by activating your subscription.

They may charge the regular plan price or demand a special price to recover your car.

To learn more about the stolen vehicle assistance service and what to do if you are not an active user of OnStar? Feel free to contact an OnStar advisor (1.888.466.7827).

They will welcome to guide you about your concerns.

Can OnStar find a stolen car if not Activated

How can I recover my stolen vehicle with OnStar?

OnStar offers stolen vehicle assistance to help find and recover your car in two easy steps

1. File a Police Report

If your car or other vehicle has been stolen, it is important to file a police report as soon as possible.

This will help you keep track of the status of your case and can also be used as documentation if you need to make an insurance claim for the lost vehicle.

To file a police report, start by contacting the police department in your area.

2. Contact the OnStar Advisor

Contact the OnStar advisor to report your vehicle theft. They will ask for some of your personal information to confirm your identity, including your VIN.

They will activate the stolen vehicle assistance service and help you and law enforcement recover your car as soon as possible.

What is OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance?

OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance is a service that assists drivers whose vehicles are stolen.

The service uses advanced GPS technology in the OnStar-equipped vehicle tracking.

A team of experts provides round-the-clock services to help you recover your vehicle.

You can remotely find and locate your vehicle, contact law enforcement authorities and report the theft, or use their roadside assistance to locate your vehicle.

If you are away from home and realize that your car has been stolen, you can immediately contact OnStar advisor Assistance for help locating it.

You will also receive dispatcher assistance for further incident follow-up, such as completing a police report or speaking with insurance agents.

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How does OnStar Track a stolen vehicle?

  1. OnStar tracks a vehicle using GPS, and other location-based technologies, including cellular networks.
  2. When a vehicle is reported as stolen, OnStar use this data to pinpoint its exact location and alert the authorities.
  3. The company also works closely with law enforcement agencies to help them recover stolen vehicles, track down suspects, and gather evidence.
  4. OnStar can even disable a stolen car remotely, preventing the person who stole it from being able to take off or use it for any criminal activity.

The goal of OnStar’s tracking capabilities is to help keep drivers and their vehicles safe while also helping law enforcement officials bring criminals to justice.

Can OnStar shut down a stolen car?

Yes, with OnStar, you can shut down a stolen car and prevent them from the restart by using the Remote Ignition Block feature.

Report your theft vehicle to an OnStar representative. Once the car engine is turned off, they will remotely block your vehicle from restarting.


Can Chevy track a stolen car?

Chevy customers with active OnStar subscriptions can benefit from the stolen vehicle assistance service for locating their stolen vehicle.

OnStar has three valuable features, Theft Alert Service, Vehicle Slowdown, and Remote Ignition Block.

In contribution to OnStar, Chevy can track a stolen car using a GPS signal to help you recover your vehicle in the event of a theft.

What triggers OnStar theft alert?

OnStar is equipped with a theft alert system that a variety of different factors can trigger, including an interrupted electrical connection to the vehicle or unauthorized use of the vehicle and Strat, the car in the wrong ways, including using a foreign key fob, invalid key, screwdriver, or wires connecting disconnecting. 

Does OnStar call the police?

If the OnStar system detects a life-threatening situation, they can contact the police, Law Enforcement, and other emergency services to send immediate help to the involved car.

Final Thoughts:

If you have OnStar, even if you are not an active subscriber, they may be able to help locate your car.

However, whether or not OnStar will assist you depends on their policies and procedures regarding inactive subscribers.

They may charge the regular subscription price or a separate fee to help recover your car.

Keep all of this in mind if your vehicle is ever stolen, so you know what steps to take and who to contact for assistance.

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