Does Jeep have OnStar? [Jeep® Connect]

In the recent decade, OnStar has gained immense popularity for its safety and security features. The company is well-known for its collaboration with GM Motors.

Still, many Jeep and other vehicle owners want to be part of these life-saving services.

Jeep doesn’t have OnStar; instead, they have their own brand safety and security service, “Jeep® Connect powered by Uconnect system ” that almost offers the same features OnStar has.

In this article, we will explore all the essential information about Jeep® Connect, OnStar, its comparison, and how jeep owners can use OnStar services.

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Does Jeep have OnStar?

Jeep is the brand of Chrysler Automobiles that has no collaboration with GM motor or OnStar.

Jeeps don’t have an in-vehicle OnStar system; however, their drivers can use the OnStar services using the OnStar Guardian app.

They have their in-vehicle safety and security services for their customers, known as Jeep® Connect.

If you own a jeep vehicle and want to use the OnStar services, you need to purchase a plan, and you can enjoy all the safety and emergency services with your cell phone.

Does Jeep have OnStar

How to Use OnStar in Jeep?

The OnStar Guardian app now offers a subscription plan that can provide coverage, security, and assistance even if you don’t own a GM vehicle.

If you want to use the safety and security features of OnStar in your jeep, all you need is to Buy the OnStar OnStar Guardian app plan at $15/month.

In this service, you will get Roadside Assistance, Mobile Crash Response, Vehicle health and diagnostics reports, and Emergency Services that all other GM vehicle users get.

The services OnStar provides range from roadside assistance to stolen vehicle recovery, and they’re invaluable for anyone needing an extra protection while driving their car.

Upon Subscription, users become part of the OnStar family, receiving 24/7 support from a team of well-trained advisors.

You can also share the app with seven of your family members to keep you and your family members up to date on any situation.

Note that the Guardian app for non-gm vehicles replaces the rearview mirror.

How to Use OnStar in Jeep

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What is jeeps version of OnStar?

Jeep Connect powered by the UConnect system is the same alternative as OnStar for jeep owners.

Jeep Connect is a system similar to OnStar that provides drivers access to support services, stolen vehicle assistance, emergency services, remote features, and GPS tracking.

What is Jeep Connect?

Chrysler Automobiles brand vehicles constantly improve technology to provide valuable services to its customers and compete with the market.

They offer a Jeep Uconnect system for its customers, which provides the same features OnStar does.

Jeep® Connect Services

1. Safety and Security:

Jeep Connect (Uconnect infotainment system) Safety and Security service provides its users the ultimate peace of mind.

It provides numerous safety measures in case of emergency, including SOS calls, allowing you to contact a Customer Care Agent with just the push of a button, whether you experience a medical emergency, or the system sensors sense the deployment of the airbags.

Moreover, you can receive comprehensive vehicle information reports and vehicle diagnostic reports.

You can use the fantastic Push Assist Button that comes in handy if you run out of gas or get a flat tire; help will be sent faster than ever. From customizable alerts and tracking features to emergency help and much more.

If you’re ever stuck in a roadside situation with no fuel or a flat tire, Jeep® Connect Safety and Security Service is there to help you out.

Not only can you quickly push the Assist Button for aid, but your exact location will be tracked so that assistance arrives as quickly as possible.

You’ll also receive an estimated arrival time for the tow.

If your car is theft by someone. Jeep® Connect can even connect you directly to police assistance through their platform’s agents and technology-embedded GPS, making locating your vehicle much more accessible and increasing the chances of recovering it.

2. Assistance & Navigation

With Jeep Uconnect services, you can turn your smartphone into a remote control for your vehicle.

In the remote vehicle assistance feature, you can Unlock and lock doors, start the engine, and even locate it wherever it is by remotely flashing the headlamps.

With the hands-free functionality collaborating with Alexa, you can use voice commands to execute single commands, such as start/stop the engine, lock/unlock doors, check tire pressure, or get directions using turn-by-turn navigation.

You’ll never have to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road with Alexa features at your fingertips.

Jeep Uconnect also provides safety measures with boundary limits and speed limit monitoring so that you and your loved ones remain safe on the roads.

You can easily send the address directly to your vehicle’s navigation, so you can enjoy the convenience of your route.

The service saves time with destination searches that send information directly to your vehicle.

You can place calls, get directions, set reminders, and more with just a few voice commands.

Connected Services are accessible through your smartwatch when paired to both your smartphone, watch and car app.

3. Wireless Connectivity

With the innovative technology of Uconnect Wireless Connectivity, passengers can stay connected wherever they go.

This incredible feature is powered by AT&T, which ensures top-quality internet speed and reliability. With Wireless Connectivity, your travels will be even more enjoyable.

List of Jeeps Eligible Uconnect Infotainment System

Following 2020-21-22, Jeeps are eligible to use the Jeep Uconnect infotainment system

  • Cherokee
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Grand Cherokee L
  • Wagoneer
  • Grand Wagoneer
  • Compass
  • Gladiator
  • Renegade
  • Wrangler


Does Jeep have a tracking system?

Yes, New models of jeeps are equipped with an advanced tracking system to help users locate the exact locations of their vehicles in times of need.

The Jeep brand has always been known for its rugged, reliable performance, and the company continues to innovate its vehicles equipped with new technologies to compete with its competitors.

Can I track my Jeep with Uconnect?

Jeep-connected vehicles Use GPS technology. Owners can track their vehicles through the Uconnect ACCESS app.

To use this feature, vehicle owners must Install Jeep connect® Access App on their mobile device-Use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to create an account and register for services.

Where is the Uconnect button in a Jeep?

The Uconnect button is on the steering wheel or dashboard of your jeep. To activate it, simply press and hold the button for a few seconds.

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