Why OnStar is Considered a Safety Enhancing Device?

There are a few milestones in everyone’s life. These milestones are the indication that you have entered adult life and you are now independent. One of the very basic milestones is to get a car license and own a car. Most kids look forward to getting their first car and this fascination with vehicles prevails even in later life. As we grow older, our toys become bigger and more expensive and this is evident from our car choices.

For most people, buying a car is an investment. To ensure the safety of your investment, you cannot risk your life or the value of your assets.

This is the reason people prefer buying vehicles with advanced safety features. Luxury vehicles like BMW offer the widest range of in-built and advanced safety features. These safety features are later justified with a hefty price tag.

However, as a beginner, there is no way you can land a BMW or any other luxury car unless you are not getting it from your parents. This is where budget cars come in. When choosing a budget car; most people have to compromise on a lot of features including safety features.

If you are also going through the same, it is time to stop compromising and think about upgrading the features on a budget. One of the best ways to upgrade without hitting the cash cascade is by opting for OnStar. OnStar is relatively inexpensive yet it offers you safety, entrainment, protection, and better driving control.

All you need is to install OnStar and then keep it connected with a good internet connection like Optimum. For details about the cellular internet and its availability in your area, you can check here. Especially because OnStar does not restrict you to cellular internet only and you can also switch to the nationwide free WiFi option offered by Optimum.

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What is OnStar and Its Function?

OnStar is an online subscription service that is meant to offer enhanced safety and entertainment features without an expensive upgrade. When in need, the OnStar service automatically gets in contact with the service center reporting the emergency condition. This is not just limited to hit-and-run cases but also includes any emergency collision that can deploy airbags.

OnStar gets in contact with the sensors that are generally responsive on collision and notify the center right away. The collision notification contains all the essential details like the location of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, and the damage details. With all these details, it gets easier for the emergency response to arrive on time and handle the situation better.

Top 7 Reasons OnStar is a Better Safety Option for You

If you are skeptical about the features of OnStar or you think it might not offer the features you are looking for, this is your time to explore. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the reasons OnStar will be an ideal choice for you and your car:

24/7 Emergency

You need to get assistance for a flat tire, your engine is heating up or you are not feeling well, with OnStar’s 24/7 emergency helpline, you now have someone to guide you through every hurdle.

Roadside Assistance

Your road adventure can turn into a bad story when you have to tackle a flat tire or a technical issue. With OnStar, you will always get roadside assistance with complete navigation to your nearest mechanic.

One Tap Contact All

Calling a family backup or letting you know about an emergency can be a little challenging but with OnStar, you can just tap once and your top 7 emergency contacts will receive details about your location and your condition right away.

Report Theft

With OnStar, you can be sure; your car will never be stolen. The OnStar theft-reporting feature does not just help you report the theft but also helps you detect the live location of your car.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is easy with Google but it is never accurate especially when you are in a remote place. With OnStar navigation, you will get detailed, turn-by-turn navigation anytime you are in need.

Crisis Assistance

Crisis is not just limited to collision, it can take multiple routes. From harsh weather conditions to burglary, now you can easily report and get backup for everything. Crisis assist helps you to find the nearest safe location while it informs the authorities and your emergency contacts.

Automatic Emergency Reporting

One of the major reasons the death toll is higher in road accidents is that it goes unreported for a long time. When you have OnStar, you can be sure there will be a backup ready for your report. With their automated advanced reporting feature, the location of the collision, condition, and details are reported right away.

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How to Use OnStar?

Using OnStar is very easy. Once you have your vehicle and you have bought an OnStar plan, you just need to activate your vehicle. There is a vehicle mobile app available that you can download for your car. Now, with the help of this app, you can have full control of your vehicle without investing a lot of money in any upgrade that would otherwise cost you a lot.

The best thing about the app access is that you can set your fingerprint, so there is no theft or safety issue. The remote access through the phone also ensures that you stay connected to your vehicle at all times without fail. For beginners, who are not sure it is worth their investment, OnStar also offers a free trial so you can try and then buy the package if you like it.

Moreover, if you do not know how it works or what features OnStar offers in detail, there is always a review option that you can try. Within your OnStar device, you will get a blue button that can be used for an overall review of every feature available.

Bottom Line

Simply put, OnStar is so far the most affordable way to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your vehicle and loved ones. Moreover, it can become your alibi in all kinds of legal proceedings.

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