Does Volvo Have OnStar? (OnStar Vs Volvo On Call)

Does Volvo Have OnStar

When choosing a vehicle, modern-day consumers prioritize more than just performance and design. Connectivity features have become crucial, providing convenience, safety, and peace of mind. Two popular systems that has gained prominence in the automotive industry is OnStar and Volvo on Call. But, does volvo have OnStar?

No, Volvo doesn’t have OnStar. However, it offers a comparable connectivity system called Volvo On Call. This innovative system is specifically designed to provide Volvo drivers with a similar level of convenience and safety as the services offered by OnStar.

This article will explore whether Volvo, a renowned automaker, offers OnStar or a similar system. Let’s dive in and uncover the connectivity features available in Volvo cars.

Understanding OnStar and its Features

OnStar is a subscription-based service offered by General Motors (GM) that provides a range of services, such as emergency assistance, vehicle diagnostics, remote locking/unlocking, and even turn-by-turn navigation. It uses built-in cellular and GPS technology to offer these services.

Does Volvo Have OnStar?

Volvo does not have OnStar, it offers an equivalent and impressive connectivity system called Volvo On Call. This system provides Volvo drivers with various features, such as emergency assistance, remote functions, stolen vehicle tracking, maintenance and diagnostics, and roadside assistance

OnStar Vs Volvo On Call

OnStar and Volvo On Call are telematics systems. OnStar is offered by General Motors and Volvo is offered by Geely Automobile.

These systems provide various features and services to enhance the driving experience and improve vehicle safety.

Let’s compare OnStar and Volvo On Call in terms of their features and capabilities:

Emergency Assistance

OnStar: OnStar is known for its emergency services, including automatic crash response, where an advisor is immediately connected to the vehicle in case of an accident.

Volvo On Call: Volvo On Call also offers emergency assistance services, including automatic collision notification, where emergency services are alerted in the event of an accident.

Remote Control

OnStar: OnStar allows users to remotely start and stop their vehicle’s engine, lock and unlock doors, and activate the horn and lights.

Volvo On Call: Volvo On Call enables remote functions such as starting the engine, locking and unlocking doors, pre-conditioning the cabin temperature, and sending destination information to the vehicle’s navigation system.

Vehicle Diagnostics

OnStar:¬†OnStar provides diagnostic services that allow users to check their vehicle’s health, monitor fuel levels, and receive maintenance notifications.

Volvo On Call: Volvo On Call offers similar features, allowing users to check fuel levels, receive maintenance notifications, and access diagnostic information.

Navigation and Assistance

OnStar: OnStar provides turn-by-turn navigation assistance, helping drivers easily reach their destinations. It also offers a concierge service for personalized assistance and recommendations.

Volvo On Call: Volvo On Call includes a built-in navigation system with turn-by-turn directions. It also provides a personal concierge service for assistance with reservations, recommendations, and other requests.


OnStar: OnStar offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing driver and companions to connect their devices to the internet while on the go.

Volvo On Call: Volvo On Call does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity as a standard feature.

While Volvo On Call and OnStar share similar functionality, each system is tailored to the automaker’s brand and vehicles. Both provide valuable services but may differ in specific features and user experience.

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