Question: Does SiriusXM Come With OnStar?

OnStar is a renowned vehicle safety and security platform providing life-saving emergency services to its customers, while SiriusXM radio is an ad-free music, live sports and news satellite radio service.

Using OnStar alongside Sirius XM radio can make your ride safer and more enjoyable.

Short Answer!!

Yes, OnStar Subscribers can enjoy Connected SiriusXM radio satellite services in their vehicle. To use the Sirius XM radio, you must have an active OnStar subscription and a Sirius XM Radio receiver installed in your car.

Does SiriusXM come with OnStar?

GM Vehicles include Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC can use a free OnStar and SiriusXM trial subscription. Depending on your car model, you can use the built-in SiriusXM radio and OnStar services or needs to install the Sirius XM radio receiver in your vehicle.

You can enjoy the available services of XM if you have a 2020 or newer GM vehicle. However, if you have an old model vehicle, contact the OnStar adviser (1.888.466.7827) to guide you about using SiriusXM alongside your OnStar.

Does SiriusXM Come With OnStar

Why my SiriusXM radio not working with OnStar?

If your XM radio is not connecting with your OnStar, check whether you have an active subscription or trial plan for OnStar and Sirius XM radio or not.

If you have an active service plan and need help linking your OnStar with SiriusXM, contact the customer care advisor of Onstar and XM.

Tell your problem to the representative. They will let you know if there is some issue on their side or not and will also guide you to connect your radio service.

  • OnStar Help Line: (1.888.466.7827)
  • Sirius Help Line: (866-635-8634)

Is Sirius XM free with OnStar?

Some GM vehicle models offer a free SiriusXM trial subscription for a limited time, along with OnStar services. Once your trial expires, you must renew your paid subscription.

The Free trial of Sirius XM radio are:

Buick 3 months free trial subscription
Cadillac6 months trial subscription for 2022 or new models and 3 months for old models.
Chevrolet3 months free trial subscription
GMC3 months trial subscription (36-month trial subscription for HUMMERs)

How Much does it cost to install Sirius Satellite in my car?

Sirius XM radio paid plan for Cars & streaming devices are:

  • Platinum Plan: (First 3 months for $1 & then $22.99/mo.)
  • Music & Entertainment Plan: (First 3 mos. for $1 & then $17.99/mo.)
  • Music Showcase Plan: (First 3 months for $1 & then $12.99/mo.)

How to add XM to Gm factory radio?

You can add SiriusXM to your GM Factory radio in 2 ways. By using the XM radio upgrade kit or VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter.

Unfortunately, the New XM radio upgrade kit is unavailable for sale in the market and is also not applicable to the newest Gm Vehicles.

If you have an old GMC or Chevrolet model car, you can still use the kit for connecting XM to your car by purchasing an old kit.

If you have a newer model of GMC or Chevrolet, you can use the built-in radio service.

However, if your car does not have the built-in service, we suggest you use VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter that works the same as the SiriusXM radio upgrade kit.

You can add both of these without any dash clutter.

How do I activate XM radio in my chevy?

To activate your XM, Tune into channel 0 and copy down the ID number. Then contact the XM helpline (1-800-689-6881) and provide the advisor with your radio ID number.

Once you follow any additional instructions from the advisor, your car will pick up the signal.

After this simple process, you’ll be all set to enjoy unlimited access to music, news, comedy and other entertainment options on your XM radio in your Chevy.

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Can you add Sirius to a car that doesn’t have it?

If your car has a built-in SiriusXM radio, you can connect it by contacting the helpline.

However, if you are using the old model and don’t have a built-in radio.

In that case, you can get the service availability by using a plug-in adaptor designed for satellite radio services, such as VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter.

Do you need OnStar for XM Radio?

You can use XM radio with or without OnStar. You don’t need to install the receiver in your car if you have a GMC vehicle and a built-in OnStar-XM.

However, if you are not using any OnStar services, you can use the XM satellite radio services by installing the receiver adaptor in your car.

Is Sirius XM radio is a satellite radio service?

Yes, Sirius XM radio is a satellite radio. It broadcasts over 130 channels of commercial-free music, plus talk, sports and more.

To use the Sirius XM services, you must purchase a subscription.

The service is available on various devices, including car radios, internet-enabled devices and home audio systems.


Do I need a separate Sirius account for each car?

Sirius needs separate account activation on the device ID number.

If you want to use the Sirrius Xm on a separate vehicle, you will need to activate your subscription for each.
However, you can do it if you want to transfer your active service plan to another vehicle or device.

Call the Sirius XM representative, and they will transfer your subscription to the new car or radio device.

Can I stream XM radio from my phone to my car?

Yes, you can stream your active XM radio services to your car by connecting your cell phone to your car by USB cable or Bluetooth.

However, if you want to use the in-car XM services, you must purchase and activate the operational plan with your device ID.

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