OnStar Towing Service: Everything Explained

OnStar Towing Service

Facing a mechanical breakdown on the road can be irritating. OnStar towing service can be a savior for you, especially when you are stuck in a place where No towing service is near you.

OnStarĀ® has been providing safe and reliable roadside assistance for over two decades. Their innovative services, like OnStar Towing, can take the hassle out of stranded car troubles with quick and easy help from trained professionals.

You can get OnStar Towing roadside assistance service by using your mobile guardian app or contacting OnStar’s advisor.

Read this comprehensive article to learn more about OnStar roadside assistance towing service.

What is OnStar Towing?

OnStar towing is a roadside assistance service that provides immediate help to its subscriber if they need to be towed due to an accident, breakdown, out of fuel or other mechanical faults.

Call the OnStar helpline, and they will provide you with an experienced tow truck operator who will come to your location and help you out.

They will take your vehicle to the nearest service station for repair if you have an emergency.

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This roadside assistance and Other OnStar emergency services are available 24/7 and can be accessed through a smartphone app or website.

Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac vehicle owners can use the service directly from their vehicle mobile app with a paid OnStar subscription.

The non-GM vehicles can use the service by using the OnStar guardian app. Allstate roadside services also provide roadside assistance services.

Will OnStar Tow my car?

Yes, OnStar will tow your car if you have an active OnStar subscription or trail basic plan of a GM vehicle in case of emergency.

An OnStar advisor will provide the necessary services and dispatch a tow truck with a professional team.

OnStar has many safety and security services for its active users, including roadside assistance, car towing, flat tire changes, car crashes and other emergency services.

If you don’t have an active plan and need help from OnStar. Just purchase the roadside assistance or guardian app plan, and they will activate all roadside assistance, emergency services, vehicle diagnostic reports and all related services for you.

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How to Get OnStar Towing Service?

To get towing service, Contact the OnStar advisor at (1.888.466.7827) or by tapping the roadside assistance button in your OnStar guardian app.

The OnStar representative will notify the nearby road assistance team and use your car tracking GPS location to reach you without trouble.

You can track the team location live on your app.

You will get help from a highly trained advisor who can provide advice and assistance for your roadside needs.

From flat tires to dead batteries or running out of gas, the OnStar emergency response team will help walk you through the steps necessary to get back on the road quickly.

How far will OnStar tow your car?

If you are in the OnStar Coverage area, they will provide service no matter how far you are.

Suppose you are outside of the coverage area and request emergency roadside assistance.

In that case, the OnStar advisor will not let you alone but will guide how to approach the nearby towing service by sending the nearby location and possible contact numbers.

What is OnStar Roadside Assistance?

OnStar Roadside Assistance is a service offered by OnStar, an in-vehicle safety and security system. It provides drivers with immediate help in case of a breakdown or emergency.

OnStar Roadside Assistance provides customers with towing and lockout services, jump starts, flat tire service, emergency fuel delivery towing and more.

OnStar Roadside Assistance quickly connects drivers with professional and certified advisors that provide immediate help.

It’s the perfect solution for those who want immediate roadside assistance if they get stranded in an unfamiliar area.

Roadside Assistance

How does OnStar’s roadside assistance work?

OnStar’s roadside assistance provides 24/7 emergency service to help you in any situation. Drivers can request roadside assistance by calling the helpline.

OnStar advisors pinpoint your location using GPS technology and send emergency services if needed.

They also have access to specially trained advisors to arrange for towing, flat tire repair, fuel delivery and jump-starts.

They also remotely slow or shut down your car engine with their stolen vehicle assistance service.

OnStar also provide helpful information on nearby services like gas stations, mechanics shops and restaurants.

Does OnStar charge for Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a paid service offered by OnStar. You need an active OnStar subscription to avail of any service from OnStar.

However, if you have a free basic plan GM account, you can get the service for free till your trial period.

Once the trial ends, you will need to renew your subscription.


Can OnStar immobilize my car?

Yes, OnStar can immobilize your car if it has been stolen or you have reported it lost/stolen to law enforcement.

Once the vehicle is reported, OnStar’s Advisors can remotely access and slow down the vehicle’s engine, prevent it from restarting once parked, and help law enforcement locate and recover the car.

Is towing free with OnStar?

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No, OnStar does not offer free towing. The company provides paid roadside assistance services, including towing. You must have a paid subscription to the plan that includes coverage for towing and other roadside assistance services.

Does OnStar Guardian include towing?

Yes, OnStar Guardian includes towing, roadside assistance, and emergency and automatic crash response services.
The OnStar Guardian app plan is a perfect solution for non-GM vehicles owners, including motorcycles, to get safety and security services without installing the OnStar module in their ride.

You can also share the OnStar access with 7 of your family members.

Is OnStar Guardian the same as OnStar?

The good news is that OnStar Guardian has all the same features and services as a GM OnStar-equipped vehicle.

Now non-GM vehicle owners can use the OnStar App to enjoy the same safety, security, and connectivity features that GM OnStar Members have had for years with connected services plan.

In how many Miles OnStar provide Towing service?

OnStar provides towing service for Unlimited miles. If your car needs tow service in the OnStar Coverage area (See map), they will tow your vehicle and safely reach it to the nearby gas station or mechanic shop.

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