How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Across US In 2023?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

In 2022, about 6000 cars were shifted to different destinations across the United States. At the beginning of 2023, finding reliable and cost-effective car shipping services is a trending topic.

The auto transport industry is growing day by day. Choosing a suitable, reliable and budget-friendly vehicle shipping company needs proper knowledge.

Many factors are involved in finding and hiring a reliable and cheap car transporter company.

This comprehensive article is a car shipping guide. You will find all the answers to your queries here, so keep reading.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average cost of car shipping in the United States is $1200-$18000.
  •  The price of car transport service depends on the type of cargo, open or enclosed, weight, model, and type of vehicle.
  •  Available car shipment is cheap compared to closed.
  •  It is better to ship a car enclosed.
  •  Hire a car Trasport service that has an insurance policy to prevent the risk of damage.
  •  Research properly before hiring a vehicle shipment service.

How much does it cost to ship a Car?

DestinationOpen Shipping $ESTClose Shipping $EST
Boston to Florida$1379$1829
Florida to Texas$1732 $2182
Chicago to California$1689$2,189
Michigan to California$1932$2,432
Florida to Connecticut$1418$1,868
Pennsylvania to California$125$325
Miami to Texas$1640$2,140
California to Georgia$2200$2600

In the United States, the average cost of an Open car transport is $1200-$1500, and for an enclosed shipment is $1800-$2200. Most car shipping companies charge based on distance and type of vehicle.

The main factors that affect the cost are size, weight, distance and the kind of transportation (open or enclosed).

Factors that Affect Car Shipping Cost

open car shipping

1. Destination: The further the distance, the higher the car shipping costs.

2. Vehicle size and weight: larger cars require bigger carriers, which increases costs. Heavier vehicles may also require additional safety precautions, adding to the overall expense.

3. Closed and Open car Transport: Closed shipping will cost more than available shipping, as the vehicle gets extra protection from the elements.

4. Type of Transport: Cargo type can increase or decrease shipping costs. Air, rail, truck or sea carrier types will affect the total cost.

5. Time of year & Weather: Shipping rates vary greatly depending on the season and service demand.

6. Insurance: It is always wise to purchase insurance coverage when shipping your car, as it will protect against any potential damage or loss during transit.

7. Additional Services: Some companies offer additional services such as door to door service and express shipping, which can all add to the cost of car shipping.

What to look for before hiring a car shipment service?

1) Reliability

Ensure that the company you hire has a good track record of successful, on-schedule deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Check for references and reviews from past clients to ensure the service is reliable.

2) Insurance

Hire a car shipping service with adequate insurance coverage to protect your car in case of an accident or damage during transit.

3) Cost

Compare quotes from different car shippers to identify the best value. When calculating costs, fuel costs, insurance coverage, and additional services like door to door service.

4) Transparency

Ensure the company is upfront about their fees and policies so that you understand what’s included in the cost of the service.

5) Communication

A good car shipping service should have a customer service team that responds to inquiries quickly and professionally.

Ensure that they are available throughout the shipment process so that you can get updates as needed.

6) Flexibility

Look for a company that offers flexible scheduling and pickup/delivery options. Many companies provide door-to-door delivery locations service, port-to-port shipment, enclosed transportation, and more.

7) Safety

Choose a car transport service that takes safety seriously by following best practices for loading, securing and transporting vehicles safely.

Check to see if they have their fleet of cars or if they outsource to third-party carriers.

8) Tracking Technology

Some car shipping services may offer tracking and monitoring technology that allows you to keep tabs on your vehicle’s location throughout the shipment.

This can provide peace of mind and ensure that your car arrives safely and on time.

What not to do when shipping a car?


Common mistakes to avoid before shipping your vehicle.

  1. Lack of Research: Before shipping a car, it is essential to research and compare various auto transport companies to ensure you get the best deal.
  2. Not preparing your vehicle: Ensure that all personal items have been removed from the car, gas has been emptied to a quarter tank, and wash your car before shipment.
  3. Not insuring your vehicle: It is always important to insure your car while shipping.
  4. Documenting the vehicle’s condition: You should take pictures and make detailed notes of any damage on the car before shipment to avoid confusion later.
  5. Not reading the contract: You should always read and understand all terms and conditions in the auto transport contract before signing it.
  6. Not inspecting the vehicle: Upon delivery, make sure to check your vehicle for any new damage that may have occurred during the transportation process. It is essential to document any further damage with photos and notes to file a claim if needed.
  7. Not being present at pickup/delivery: Make sure to be present when your car is delivered or picked up, as it will make it much easier for the transporter to park your vehicle at the delivery location and provide proper documentation.
  8. Open vs Enclosed shipping: Open car transport is a more economical option, but if you have an exotic or luxury car that needs to be shipped in a secure environment, it’s best to go with enclosed transport.
  9. Not considering door-to-door versus terminal-to-terminal shipping: If you want the convenience of door-to-door delivery, select that option when booking your shipment. Terminal-to-terminal is more affordable but requires more effort as you are responsible for picking up and dropping off the vehicle at designated terminals.
  10. Not checking with local laws: Be mindful of local laws and customs regulations that may affect the transport of your vehicle. It is essential to know all the applicable rules before booking your shipment.
  11. Not Reading reviews of previous customers: Before selecting a transporter, it’s essential to read all the reviews and star ratings of customers who used the same service provider you are considering.

What is the safest way to ship a car?

The safest way to ship a car to another state is to hire an experienced and reputable auto transport company. An experienced auto transporter has the experience and professional staff to ensure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

You must also research the company thoroughly before making any decisions, as some companies may be more reliable than others.

Ask for multiple companies’ detailed quotes to ensure you get the best deal.

Make sure you’re aware of any insurance policies and coverage offered by your chosen shipping provider in case of an unexpected issue during transport.

Does shipping your car damage it?

Does shipping your car damage it?

Shipping your car under the supervision of Professional auto transporters companies that are experienced in handling and secure transport of vehicles of all shapes and sizes can safely deliver your car without any damage.

Many companies have damage recovery and vehicle insurance policies as well. Companies use carriers specifically designed to protect the vehicle throughout its journey.

They take extra precautions, such as using soft straps or heavy-duty tie-downs to hold the car securely in place and padding to protect the exterior.

Ensuring that your vehicle has been appropriately secured and protected before being loaded onto the truck is essential in preventing any damage from occurring during transit.

In addition, experienced drivers will take extra precautions when navigating winding roads and sharp turns to avoid unnecessary stress on the vehicle.

Is it better to ship a car open or enclosed?

Enclosed shipping is the best option for shipping your car across the country.

Enclosed services reduce the risk of damage caused by weather, dirt, road debris, and other environmental factors. It also provides greater security against theft due to its locks and the fact that it is not visible from the outside.

Enclosed car shipping service typically offers higher customer service with door-to-door pick-up and delivery and guaranteed departure dates.

However, It is typically more cost-effective to ship a vehicle open than enclosed.

Enclosed car shipping

How To Ship Your Car For Cheap?

The best way to ship your car at a reasonable price is to find a reliable and cost-effective shipping service locally or online.

You need to compare the offers of different vehicle carrier companies and choose the cheap car shipping service that fits your budget.

What is the cheapest company to ship your car?

According to our research, the easy auto ship is a reliable and cheapest option to send your car across the United States. They charge $1/mile (1-400 miles). They have 25 years of experience, and till now, they have shipped 123k vehicles.

Car Hauling Rates per mile

The average car hauling rate per mile in the United States is $2/mile for a distance up to 200 miles and $3/mile for above 200 miles.

The cost of car hauling services can vary depending on many factors. Generally speaking, it is more expensive to transport a car to a long destination than short distances due to the higher fuel costs associated with longer trips.

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Is it cheaper to fly cargo or ship it?

Fly cargo car transport costs more for car shipping than ship by road, sea, or train. By Road transport service is cheaper for the vehicle owner to deliver their vehicle to its destination.

How much does it cost to ship a car 1000 miles?

Different car transport companies has different car shipping rates.

Most shipping companies charge an average of $1-$2 per mile. If you want to deliver your car to a 1000 miles destination, it will cost about $1000-&2000.

You can use the free car shipping cost calculator on their official websites before hiring.

Can you put stuff in your car when shipping it?

Never put your stuff in your car while shipping it, as the company you have hired to transport your vehicle may not be responsible for any damage to any items inside your vehicle.

Also, this is illegal for some transporter companies.

Is it cheaper to ship or drive a car?

If you are shipping your car at a distance of less than 100 miles, it is cheaper to drive and deliver the vehicle yourself.
However, if the destination is far away, shipping the car with a professional auto transport service may be more cost-effective.
Shipping your vehicle can save you money on gas, accommodation, and tolls that you pay if you drive yourself.

How much does it cost to ship a car to another country?

The cost of shipping a car to another country is not fixed and varies. It depends on several factors, such as the shipping law of the country, taxes and customs duties, type of cargo, insurance, the size and weight of the vehicle, its destination, and the shipping method used.

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