Does OnStar keep location History? A Clear Answer

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OnStar is a popular in-vehicle safety and security system that offers a range of services to vehicle owners, including navigation, remote start, and emergency response. With its ability to track a vehicle’s location, many drivers wonder if OnStar records their location history.

Yes, OnStar Keeps the location history of the OnStar system equipped or registered vehicle to improve its services and to provide timely emergency service to its subscribers.

No doubt OnStar respects their customer privacy and does not public your location data to anyone. Even they release the location history to your insurance company or police with a court order.

However, this is still a concern for many service users.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the answer to this question and delve into the extent to which OnStar tracks and stores a vehicle’s location information.

Key Takeaways:

  • OnStar keeps Vehicle location history.
  • They never public your recorded location data.
  • The data is used for the improvement of the services.
  • You can turn off any service by calling the OnStar helpline.
  • The insurance companies or police can approach your data with a court order.

What is OnStar Location Tracking History?

OnStar Location Tracking History refers to the record of a vehicle’s location, speed, and direction of travel stored in the OnStar system.

OnStar uses GPS technology to track its subscribers’ vehicles’ location in real-time, which is then stored in the company’s system for future reference.

OnStar subscribers can access the location tracking history through the OnStar app or website.

Does OnStar keep location History?

Yes, OnStar does keep a record of a vehicle’s location history. OnStar uses OnStar Location Manager and GPS technology to track the location of its subscribers’ vehicles in real time, and this information is stored in OnStar’s system.

The vehicle location history helps to provide and improve services such as emergency response, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, and turn-by-turn navigation.

According to the policy, OnStar collects and stores information about a vehicle’s location, speed, and direction of travel. Still, this information is used only to provide OnStar services.

The company states that it does not share or sell location data to third parties unless it’s necessary to provide the services or if required by law.

Does OnStar keep location History?

How to Access OnStar Vehicle Location History?

OnStar subscribers can access OnStar vehicle location history through the OnStar app or by contacting the OnStar advisor.

OnStar provides the option to turn off real-time tracking, stopping the storage of location history data with customer choice.

What is OnStar Location manager?

OnStar Location Manager or OnStar vehicle locator is a feature of the OnStar system that allows drivers to manage their vehicle’s location information.

It is a feature that provides real-time tracking of a vehicle’s location, speed, and direction of travel, which can be accessed through the OnStar app or website.

The feature also allows drivers to set up OnStar family link service and custom alerts and boundaries, such as speed alerts and geo-fencing, which send notifications when the vehicle crosses a specific location or exceeds a certain speed.

OnStar Location manager

Can OnStar Track my Car Location if not Activated?

Yes, OnStar can track OnStar-equipped cars if not activated. Because of the tracking feature, the OnStar use GPS technology that doesn’t require subscription-based service.

However, if you are using the service in the non-gm vehicle via the Onstar app, then OnStar may be unable to track your car if you have no active subscription.

Note that OnStar will not provide any service, including stolen vehicle assistance if you do not have an active Onstar subscription.

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Why OnStar Vehicle locate not working?

Several reasons can stop your OnStar locator from working. Some common reasons include the following:

  1. Service subscription: Ensure your OnStar service is active and up-to-date.
  2. Vehicle Location: Ensure your vehicle is within OnStar coverage area and its GPS functions correctly.
  3. Connectivity issues: Check if your vehicle is connected to the network correctly. 
  4. Technical problems: It could be a technical issue with the OnStar system, wherein you may need to contact OnStar customer support at 1.888. 4ONSTAR (1.888. 466.7827).

If you still have issues, I recommend contacting OnStar customer support for further assistance.

How Does OnStar Know When You Crash?

car crash detection system

OnStar is equipped with advanced technology to detect when a vehicle has been involved in a crash. Onstar can detect Crashes with a car crash detection system that uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to determine if a crash has occurred.

If a crash is detected, the system automatically sends an alert to OnStar’s emergency response center, which is staffed 24/7 by trained specialists.

The specialists then use the vehicle’s location information to assess the situation and determine the best course of action, which may include contacting emergency services, dispatching a first responder, or communicating with the vehicle’s occupants.

For example, the system can detect a crash based on changes in the vehicle’s speed, deceleration, and other parameters and determine the crash’s severity.


How Does OnStar Tracking Work?

OnStar tracking works by using GPS technology to track the location of a vehicle in real time and by transmitting this information to OnStar’s servers via the vehicle’s onboard cellular connection.

The information is then processed and used to provide services to the vehicle’s driver, including emergency response, stolen vehicle assistance, and location tracking.

What Does OnStar Record?

According to OnStar’s privacy policy, they record certain user data such as vehicle location history, speed, safety belt usage, break status and some other vehicle-based information to provide better service to individual customers.

How Accurate is OnStar Vehicle Locator?

Gps tracking

OnStar vehicle locator is accurate up to 100 sq. ft. OnStar location manager is based on GPS technology.

In many scenarios, no GPS technology can get 100% of the exact location of your car.
When OnStar tracks your car on the map, it means that it is within 100 square feet of the range.


Does OnStar keep vehicle location History? OnStar does keep a record of a vehicle’s location history. Still, the information is used solely to provide OnStar services and is subject to the company’s privacy policy.

Subscribers have the option to view and delete their location history, as well as turn off real-time tracking.

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