Question: Does OnStar Record Video?

Answer: OnStar Doesn’t record your in-car video and protects your privacy. However, they do record audio or video information collected from camera images or sensor data (Mentioned in their Privacy policy) to improve the quality of safety and security services for their customers.

They also record your location data to improve their navigation system and other services. They use this information to help you with directions and route finding, locating roadside assistance, emergency services, and more.

Does OnStar Record Video

Which Data OnStar Record?

According to OnStar’s July 1, 2021, updated Privacy policy, they have the right to collect and record data related to:

  • Event data recorder (EDR) data
  • GPS location, speed, crash avoidance alerts
  • Radio and rear-seat infotainment,
  • Safety system status, braking, and swerving/cornering events
  • Audio or video and voice command information
  • Stability Control or Anti-lock events
  • Security/theft Alerts, and infotainment system.
  • WiFi and data usage.

Can you request OnStar records?

OnStar protects user privacy and doesn’t release the collected data to anyone.

If you are an active registered user, you can request your data by contacting the OnStar advisor in case your car is stolen or if you have any other security concerns.

OnStar only releases the records Where Required or Permitted by Law with a court order in good faith to your and others’ safety and security, for investigation, to avoid fraud, or for the screening purpose of an organization.

Does OnStar record Accidents?

OnStar service does not record accidents directly. However, they collect a lot of important information from sensors around the car to detect an accident and send an immediate emergency response if one occurs.

This includes braking and swerving/cornering events and air bags deployments.

Even the car’s stability control and vehicle operation is taken into account by OnStar’s powerful safety technology for drivers to remain safe at all times on the roads.

Can Insurance companies approach to OnStar Record?

Insurance companies can not get any of the OnStar records without a court order or Client customer authorization affidavit.

Depending on the type of information needed, insurers need permission from customers to access any private information stored in OnStar records.

They can get some of the collected information from the service (Non-privacy concern) with your choice to get compensation for you.

Can you see location history with OnStar?

Yes, you can get the location history of your car in emergency services by requesting the data from the OnStar advisor if you are a registered customer with an active subscription.

This data is often used for stolen vehicle assistance or to see the vehicle usage of a family member.

To request this information, you’ll need to call the OnStar advisor and provide them with valid credentials such as your Account ID and VIN.

Once validated, they will provide you with the requested location history data.

How long does OnStar keep records?

OnStar only keeps collected data til they need it to improve its service quality. They maintain records for as long as it is legally required, but never longer than necessary.

The user’s backup data and collected information are also removed from the server if they remain unsubscribed from the service for a long period.

Can I use my OnStar for someone else?

You can use your OnStar to help others. For example, if you see an accident, land sliding, or something, you can use your OnStar to get help for the victims by calling emergency services.

You can use the OnStar guardian app and give access to 7 of your family members or friends to use your OnStar services.

With the help of GPS tracking system You can also send them assistance if they need it.

You can use your OnStar to get help for yourself or someone else in a situation where you run out of fuel, or your car has broken down and needs a tow, etc.

If a family member or friend needs assistance while on the road, you can use your OnStar system to locate them and send help their way.

How to contact OnStar Legal Department?

If you need to contact the OnStar legal department, you can contace the support center:

1. Call their customer service number at 1-888-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827).

2. Contact via live chat.

3. Mail your questions to P.O. Box 1027 Warren, MI 48090-1027

When contacting the OnStar Legal Department, it is important to provide as much information as possible so that they are able to address your inquiry in an effective manner.

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Can you listen in your car with OnStar?

You can not listen via OnStar system in your car. Currently there is not service available that allows you to listen through the system in your car.

However, with the OnStar app for smartphones, you can access some of the features of OnStar like remote start, lock/unlock doors, and get vehicle diagnostics from outside of your vehicle.

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