Does OnStar Have A Camera? Know The Reality

Does OnStar Have A Camera

OnStar is a popular subscription-based service offered by General Motors that provides a variety of features for drivers, including emergency services, navigation assistance, and remote vehicle access. However, some drivers have raised concerns about the privacy implications of having OnStar in their vehicle and often search about Does OnStar have a camera?

Upon confirming it with the OnStar advisor, it is concluded that OnStar does not have a camera that can spy on you or record video footage.

In this blog post, we will clear your concerns about your privacy with using OnStar and what you need to know about OnStar’s features and privacy policies.

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Does OnStar Have A Camera?

No, OnStar does not have a camera installed in its system.

While OnStar does have a variety of sensors and microphones that can collect data about your vehicle and your driving habits, it does not have a camera that can record video footage of the interior or exterior of your car.

Some GM vehicle owners have brought attention to a small black dot on the OnStar module, postulating that it may be a concealed camera, while some have speculated that OnStar could leverage cameras located in the car’s mirrors or dashboard camera to furnish visual data if the need arises.

Despite these speculations, no solid proof exists that OnStar incorporates any form of camera, hidden or otherwise.

OnStar is very strict about its user privacy policy and never compromises.

However, this is recommended to confirm it yourself by contacting an OnStar advisor at 1.888.466.7827.

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Can OnStar Record You?

OnStar can record audio data during a call to OnStar, such as when a vehicle owner requests assistance or has an emergency. However, it is important to note that OnStar does not continuously record conversations or audio data inside the vehicle.

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Does OnStar Mirror Have A Camera?

The OnStar rear view mirror does not have a camera. However, you can connect aftermarket camera to the rereview mirror by using a plug-in adapter. It is designed to be installed on the rearview mirror of a vehicle and provides audio prompts and visual indicators to alert the driver to important information.

The device does have some sensors, such as an accelerometer and a Global positioning system (GPS) receiver, which are used to collect vehicle data and provide services such as stolen vehicle assistance and automatic crash response. However, the OnStar mirror has no cameras or other video recording equipment.

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What Does OnStar Record?

OnStar can record and collect various types of data, including:

  1. Vehicle data: OnStar can record various data points related to the vehicle’s performance, including speed, fuel level, tire pressure, and maintenance data.
  2. Location data: OnStar can record the vehicle’s location at any given time, including where it has been and is going.
  3. Personal information: OnStar may collect personal information about the vehicle owner, including their name, address, and contact information.
  4. Audio data: OnStar can record audio data during a call to OnStar, such as when a vehicle owner requests assistance or has an emergency.
  5. Diagnostic data: OnStar can collect diagnostic information about the vehicle’s performance, including information related to the engine, transmission, and other systems.

It’s important to note that OnStar’s data collection is subject to its privacy policy, which outlines how the company collects, uses, and protects personal and vehicle-related data.

They also allow vehicle owners to control their data collection preferences, which allows them to choose what types of data are collected and how they are used. For more details contact OnStar Helpline at 1.888.466.7827.

Can You Use Onstar to Listen to Conversations?

No, using OnStar to listen to conversations inside a vehicle is impossible. OnStar’s audio recording capabilities are limited to the duration of a call to OnStar, such as when a vehicle owner requests assistance or has an emergency.

Their privacy policy prohibits the company from recording audio data except to provide OnStar services to the vehicle owner or for internal quality assurance purposes. Any audio recordings are stored securely and are subject to strict access controls.

Can I See Where My Car is With Onstar?

Yes, OnStar allows vehicle owners to see where their car is located through the OnStar mobile app or website.

The OnStar service includes GPS technology that allows the vehicle’s location to be tracked and displayed on a map in real time. Vehicle owners can access this information through the OnStar Guardian app or website using their account login credentials.

Along with displaying the vehicle’s current location, the OnStar mobile app and website can also show the vehicle’s location history, allowing the owner to see where the vehicle has been over a period of time.

This feature can be useful for tracking mileage or monitoring the location of a vehicle driven by a family member or employee.

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What Can Onstar Track?

  1. Vehicle Location: OnStar uses GPS technology to track the location of a vehicle. This information can be used to provide turn by turn navigation services and to help locate the exact location of a stolen vehicle.
  2. Vehicle Health: They can monitor the health of a vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other systems. This can alert drivers to potential problems before they become serious issues.
  3. Vehicle Speed: They can track a vehicle’s speed, which can be useful for monitoring teenage drivers or ensuring that employees are not speeding while on the job.
  4. Vehicle Theft: They can help track a stolen vehicle by providing its location to law enforcement in their stolen vehicle assistance feature.
  5. Vehicle Diagnostics: OnStar can diagnose certain vehicle problems remotely, allowing drivers to take action before a breakdown occurs.


Does OnStar Track Your Location History?

Yes, OnStar can track and store a vehicle’s location history. OnStar’s GPS technology allows the vehicle’s location to be tracked in real-time and the information can be stored for a period of time.
If you have active service plan this feature can be useful for monitoring the location of a vehicle driven by a family member or employee or for tracking mileage and to provide roadside assistance and emergency services.

Can OnStar Track my Car if not Activated?

No, OnStar cannot track a vehicle if the service is not activated or if the vehicle does not have a compatible OnStar system installed. OnStar Tracking requires active service plan.

To use OnStar stolen car tracking, a vehicle owner must have an active OnStar subscription and a compatible OnStar system installed in their vehicle.

Does OnStar Work when Car is Off?

Yes, OnStar can still provide some limited functionality when the car is turned off. For example, you can use the remote service to lock, unlock and start your car.
When your car is off the OnStar system can still receive and respond to remote requests as long as the vehicle’s battery has enough power to maintain the system’s communications and location capabilities.
However, in most cases, many of the features will not be available until the vehicle is turned on again.

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