Can OnStar Roll Up my Windows? 5 Reasons

With the increase in technological advances in vehicles over the last several decades, automated car features have become commonplace. Recently, one OnStar user reported that his car windows were rolled up when he returned to it.

This prompted him to ask if OnStar could roll up his car windows and why they had opened without his choice.

To answer these questions, the Cars Escort Team has researched this issue and provided a detailed article to clarify any issues regarding rolled-up windows and other related queries.

Can OnStar Roll Up my Windows?

OnStar does not roll up your vehicle windows without your choice or commands. However, OnStar offers the functionality for its user to personalize their car center display, and its features allow you to activate the auto window roll-up using your car key fob.

OnStar system has a feature to remotely start, lock and unlock your car doors remotely if your car has connected power locks in your vehicle.

Suppose you have concerns about your security that the OnStar is rolling your vehicle power windows. Make sure to contact the OnStar advisor. They are here for your 24/7 assistance.

They will gently assist you with your concern and help find out the actual cause of the problem.

Can OnStar Roll Up my Windows

Why my Car windows Roll up Automatically?

A common reason why your car’s windows may open unintentionally is due to pressing the key fob unlock button.

Whether it be accidentally pocketing your keys and pressing the remote or a child unknowingly pushing the buttons in their hands, the result is that the windows of your car can suddenly roll down without warning.

A faulty switch or mechanism inside the door itself, which could be caused by a worn-out part or age-related wear and tear, can roll down your car windows.

An issue with the wiring in your vehicle’s electrical system can cause the problem.

An issue with the motor is responsible for raising and lowering the window. There may be insufficient power going to the motor, or it may have been damaged in some way.

Red more to find out How To Fix A Car Window That Won’t Roll Up?

How to activate the Key fob window roll-up function in your car?

If you own a Chevy or GMC vehicle, you can activate the remote window operation of your via your key fob with some simple steps.

Step 1: Press the setting icon on your car center display.

Step 2: Click on the vehicle menu and scroll down to click on the (remote lock, unlock and start) menu.

Step 3: Scroll down in the menu and find the (Remote Lock, Unlock, and Start) option. Click on the menu.

Step 4: Scroll down and click on the Remote Window Operation.

Step 5: By default, the option is off. All you need is to change it to the On option.

Step 6: It’s all done. You can now operate your car windows roll-down operation outside your car by pressing the unlock button of your key fob for 3-5 seconds.

If you want to deactivate your vehicle’s remote windows operation, repeat the process and change the setting from on to off.

Why are my car doors not unlocking with OnStar?

There are three main reasons if you are facing a problem with unlocking your vehicle doors with the OnStar app.

  1. You are using the old version of the Guardian app. Ensure to update to the latest version.
  2. You do not have an active subscription, or your monthly subscription is expired. Activate or renew your plan. You can try OnStar’s free trial basic plan.
  3. There might be some problem with your power locks. Ensure to check it with the mechanics.

If all is ok, contact the OnStar advisor on your cell phone for help.

Is OnStar Remote Access free?

You need an active OnStar subscription to use the remote access feature.

Once you’ve subscribed and logged in to the OnStar app, you can access your vehicle remotely and control certain features such as locking/unlocking doors, starting the engine, checking fuel levels and more.

You can also monitor important vehicle information like tire pressure, oil life, and diagnostic trouble codes and even locate your vehicle if it’s lost or stolen.

You can also stay connected with real-time vehicle diagnostics and maintenance alerts that help keep your car running smoothly while staying in control of your vehicle from anywhere.

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How much does OnStar charge to unlock your car?

In OnStar essential plan ($39.99/mon), you have access to the remote features of your vehicle to lock and unlock your car remotely.

You can also start or stop your engine remotely. You also get emergency services such as automatic crash response, roadside assistance and stolen vehicle tracking.

This plan also includes a turn-by-turn navigation service with real-time traffic updates, so you can have the best route to your destination without getting stuck in traffic jams.

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