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Ford is not mature as GM vehicles in remote services, but they do provide the same services OnStar has. It focuses on safe and secure rides for its customers.

Ford provides many of the same safety benefits as GM, such as airbag deployment in a crash, ABS and traction control, Stability Control Systems, Lane Departure Warning Systems, remote service, and much more.

However, they don’t have an on-site service like GM’s OnStar.

New models of GM have Built OnStar installed, and their owners can use OnStar safety security and remote services. But does ford car have OnStar? And how to use OnStar services in your Ford Car?

Let’s answer these and all the related questions in detail.

Does Ford have OnStar?

Ford doesn’t have built-in OnStar features. However, they have a safe security feature called 911 Assist, Sync, and Fordpass® connect app for remote services. Ford owners can use all the OnStar services using the OnStar guardian app.

To Use the safety, security, and remote services of OnStar in your Ford, buy the OnStar guardian app plan, and all the features will be activated for you.

Your mobile phone will act like the OnStar module system, detect crashes, and activate an auto crash response.

Does Ford have OnStar?

Other OnStar services include remote start, lock-unlock doors, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, emergency response service, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle diagnostic reports, and more.

The Guardian app is for all vehicles, even for mooter cycle riders.

The good this is you can give access to the app to 7 of your family members and loved ones.

What is Ford’s version of OnStar?

The 911 Assist and Fordpass app is the same like version of OnStar for Ford cars equipped with FordPass connect.

Non-GM vehicles can use the OnStar Guardian app, and Ford car owners can use Fordpass for remote services.

Difference Between OnStar and Ford 911 Assist?

OnStar is a specialized onboard security system that enables a person in need to connect with a certified dispatcher for emergency assistance in a car crash or other emergency situation.

Their stolen vehicle assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, and monthly diagnostic reports keep a unique value.

Ford offers customers complimentary services if their vehicle is equipped with the FordPass app Connect and emergency services by auto-connecting 911 in case of a crash. They also have SYNC 3 built-in and Sync 4 in the new models.

This means users can use the FordPass app to access features such as Wi-Fi hotspots, remote start/stop and Vehicle Health Alerts.

The 911 Assist of the vehicle will be auto-activated in a vehicle crash when your car deploys airbags. The 911 Assis will automatically contact the authorities for immediate help via a connected Bluetooth®-enabled phone, and they will reach you as soon as possible.

Although these features are not quite compared to OnStar’s services, Ford customers still benefit from safe rides in the hands of quality engineering technology.

Forpass App Services

  • Provides instant details of Oil life, mileage and maintenance intervals, fuel life, and the estimated time of fuel consumption directly from the vehicle dash tab.
  • Remote start and stop, lock, unlock and locate connected vehicles to prevent theft.
  • Instant and scheduled remote start.
  • Checks your Electronic car charge level and find nearby charging stations.

Does Ford Sync require a subscription?

Yes, Once the 90 days trial of Ford Sync infotainment systems ends, your will need to subscribe to an active annual plan. Activate your membership with a FordPass member account.


Recently Ford signed a six-year partnership with Google to reinvent the Ford-connected vehicle experience in 2023.

What network does Ford SYNC use?

Ford SYNC connect uses AT&T 4G network. It has a built-in ford connect module that connects to the AT&T 4G LTE network and provides in-car access to popular automotive services such as vehicle health reports, remote start, emergency assistance, and SYNC AppLink.

With this system, you can locate your car from anywhere, lock and unlock doors, and even check fuel levels from your smartphone.

How much does it cost to upgrade to SYNC?

You can update your sync 3 to sync 4 and Sync 4A for free with the help of a USB drive.

First, check for any update available for your car by your VIN, then log in to your account to update your Sync and use voice commands.

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What vehicles are OnStar in?

All new models of GM motors, including GMC Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac, have OnStar.

Can Ford unlock my car remotely?

Yes, you can easily unlock your car remotely with the FordPass® app. However, to use the service, you must have a Ford Motor company connect equipment in your vehicle.

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