How To Get OnStar PIN? Step By Step Guide

onstar PIN

We are well aware of the excellent OnStar vehicle safety and security service. To access these services, you need to have an OnStar PIN. How can you get an OnStar pin for your account?

You can Get your OnStar four-digit pin Using the GM Online portal or by contacting the OnStar advisor directly. Usually, you create your OnStar four-digit pin at the time of your Creation. If you forgot your pin, you could recover it quickly.

If you are an OnStar subscriber and don’t have your PIN, don’t worry. Getting it is easy.

What OnStar PIN Number Is?

Your OnStar PIN Number is a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) created by you during your enrollment in the OnStar connected services.

The PIN allows you to access your account information, change your vehicle settings, and access other OnStar services. Such as emergency SOS services, stolen vehicle assistance, roadside assistance, Vehicle diagnostic reports etc.

How to get OnStar PIN?

Step By Step Guide to getting, changing or resetting your OnStar PIN:

  1. Open the GM online website portal for PIN generation.
  2. Login to your Register GM Account.
  3. Click on the Account Icon and select the security tab.
  4. In the security tab, you will see your registered email, Password, and four-digit PIN code.
  5. For security purposes, Your Password and PIN will not appear.
  6. Now click on the Change pin button.
  7. Enter your New pin and verify by entering 2nd time and confirm the changes with your Password.
  8. Once the PIN is set, this is your new OnStar PIN for activating the OnStar services or my link services.
How to get OnStar PIN

The above method is applicable for all, resetting the PIN and in case your Forget your PIN.

For security purposes, don’t set weak or easy guess pins such as your birth year, 1234 or 0000 etc.

What to do if I forget my OnStar verification PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN, don’t worry, you can reset it online through the OnStar website or by calling the customer service center at 1.888.466.7827.

Once your PIN is reset, you can access your account information and other services.

For added security, it’s essential that you always keep your OnStar PIN confidential and never share it with anyone. Thank you for choosing OnStar! We look forward.

What to do if I forget my OnStar verification PIN?

Can I rest My GM PIN without an OnStar subscription?

You can reset and recover your four-digit security PIN code from your GM dashboard without an OnStar subscription. However, to use the OnStar services, you must require an active service plan of OnStar to link it with your mobile vehicle app.

Can you Use OnStar Services with your mobile vehicle app without a PIN?

To link your MyLink GM vehicle mobile app to OnStar, you must have the four-digit secret PIN code to confirm your verification.

If you need help finding or resetting your four-digit code, contact the OnStar advisor directly. They will guide you step by step through the process.

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How long does OnStar activation take?

account activation

Usually, OnStar activation is typically complete within 24 hours or less. However, if there are any complications, such as an incorrect account or vehicle information, activation may take longer than expected.

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