Does OnStar Work If The Battery Is Disconnected?

Does OnStar Work If The Battery Is Disconnected
  • Starting from the 2006 model year, General Motors implemented a noteworthy enhancement to their OnStar system by incorporating backup batteries in select vehicle models.
  • These backup batteries serve a crucial purpose: enabling OnStar functionality even when a vehicle’s power is compromised due to accidents or other events.
  • Having an independent power source allows OnStar to continue operating and providing its valuable services when the vehicle’s primary power supply is disabled.

However, it’s important to note that OnStar will not work if the battery is disconnected if you have an older model vehicle. This is because OnStar relies on the vehicle’s power supply to function properly.

Therefore, if the battery is disconnected or fully drained, it will prevent the OnStar system from operating.

The battery is crucial in providing electrical power to the OnStar module and establishing a connection to the OnStar network.

Consequently, without a functioning battery, the vehicle’s electrical systems, including OnStar, will not be operational.

To verify whether your car has an OnStar backup battery, please contact OnStar Support.

Can OnStar Drain Your Battery?

Yes, OnStar can drain your vehicle’s battery if certain features are left active for an extended period. OnStar is a system that provides various services, such as vehicle diagnostics, remote locking/unlocking, emergency assistance, and GPS tracking.

Some of these services require a constant power supply, which can lead to a small but continuous drain on the battery.

For example, leave your vehicle parked for a long time without driving it and keep features like remote unlocking or location tracking active.

In that case, the OnStar system will continue to draw a small amount of power from the battery. Over an extended period, this can contribute to a gradual drain and potentially result in a dead battery if it is not recharged.

To prevent excessive battery drain, it is advisable to deactivate unnecessary OnStar features when you know your vehicle will be parked and not in use for an extended period.

Regularly starting and driving your vehicle helps to recharge the battery and mitigate any power loss caused by the OnStar system.

How Do I know If OnStar Is Activated?

To determine if OnStar is activated in your vehicle, you can follow these steps:

  • Check for OnStar buttons: Look for dedicated OnStar buttons on your vehicle’s dashboard or rearview mirror. These buttons usually have the OnStar logo or icons indicating their functions.
  • Press the OnStar button: Press the OnStar button and wait for a response. If OnStar is activated, you should hear a voice prompt from the system confirming that it is ready for use.
  • Contact OnStar Customer Service: If you are unsure about the status of your OnStar activation, you can contact OnStar’s customer service directly. They will be able to verify if your OnStar subscription is active and provide you with any necessary assistance.
  • Log in to your OnStar account: Visit the official OnStar website and log in to your account. Once logged in, you should view the details of your subscription and determine if it is active.

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